Activating Your Domain Name (Step-2)

How do I activate my domain name?

For your domain name to be activated, please check if the following condition has been met:

  • For new domain name registration (you purchase/register the domain from
    • There is nothing needs to be done from your side. If you just bought the domain name when ordering hosting services, please allow up to 1-24 hours before your domain name is accessible over internet.


  • If you already own your domain name and is keeping your domain name with your current domain provider/registrar:
    • Please update your domain Name Server to point to our server which you get on your welcome email (New Account Information) - See below for detailed instruction
    • If you have updated your domain's Name Server to point to our servers, you can try to refresh your own computer's DNS cache by doing the following:
      • On Windows, click on the Start button, then click Run, type cmd and click Ok.
      • You should get C:\> -  ....if you don't get this try and type "cd .." until you get C:\>
      • Do this: C:\>ipconfig /flushdns
      • C:\>ping
      • After you do the ping, you should see the same IP Address as you see in your “New Account Information” email. If your IP is still pointing to our IP Address, simply allow 24 hours for your ISP (your Internet Service Provider)to refresh their DNS cache.
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